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Ancient Secrets like acupressure, to relieve your pain, today?

I Understand having pain, stress and the cost of being Sick. Now, You can understand how to heal.  
  My name is Jessica Bolding MS, EAMP

I am a national licensed East Asian Medicine Practitioner with a Masters of Natural Health Sciences from Bastyr University, I have had a busy practice for the last 20 years, spent 2 years in Asia learning Mandarin and working in hospitals in China and Taiwan.

Jessica has authored articles for “Healing our World,” and Acupuncture Today and has been a featured guest on “Raise the Vibe, radio talk show," and  works with a global  non-profit for healing trauma.  Most importantly Jessica has healed herself AND her family from incurable illnesses that there were no treatments for. 

Jessica is a research Geek. “When I get stressed, I research until I find something that will work.”

Before I tell you more about natural at home treatments that you can use to keep your family as healthy as possible, I want to ask you…
  • Have you looked into holistic, herbal or Chinese medicine before but found it to be too confusing and daunting in terms of where to start?
  • ​Have you been concerned about mixing natural treatments with Western Medicine?
  • ​Are you curious about what herbs do what, how to find acupoints, how to do cupping, or do you want to know what "moxibustion" is?
You know that people just like you are enjoying massive health benefits by applying natural safe and effective techniques at home. People in Asia have know this for 1000s of years, now it is your turn to use this medicine at home!
In the next few moments, I’m going to show you how you can start applying the benefits of East Asian medicine and Herbalism to your everyday life. Oh Yeah!
The Chinese Medicine Secrets Bundle Has 
Been Designed With People Like You In Mind.
To Make The Amazing Benefits Of East Asian Medicine And Herbalism More Accessible And Easier To Start Applying Safely And Effectively Straight Away!
Why can’t you?
You can, I am here to help!
What's Included
Inside The Bundle
Here’s just a taste of what you can expect inside the East Asian Medicine Secrets bundle:
  • DIY East Asian Medicine Guide To Anxiety ($27 Value)
  • DIY East Asian Medicine Guide To Back Pain ($27 Value)
  • ​DIY East Asian Medicine Guide To Headaches ($27 Value)
  • ​​Exclusive access to our expert, Jessica Bolding's private facebook group so that you get your questions answered! ($97)
Plus These FREE bonuses If You Jump In Today!
  • Explainer Training Videos To Further Show You How to find Acupoints, How To Do Cupping,  Moxibustion and more ... ($97 Value)
Total Value:
Yours Today: $27
What Others Are Saying...
“Jessica’s way of conveying simple tips to treat my headaches was a game changer.”  
Age 47
“The Secrets to Healing in 30 days and Beyond helped me achieve my health goals… I lost weight, my blood sugars stabilized after a life time of struggles, and I feel happier and more in control of my health for the first time in my life.”
Age 57
Using these techniques, my 2-year-old son’s anxiety lowered helping him sleep through the night for months at a time…Thank you, Jessica!
Age 36
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In these three booklets you’ll discover 
ancient remedies of Chinese medicine
In these three booklets you’ll discover Ancient Remedies Of Chinese Medicine
for daily in-home use
You can reap the benefits of this 5000-year-old medicine from the comfort of your home. 
I normally charge $27 per booklet on my website…

However, I am doing a limited time offer where you can get this whole bundle plus the free bonuses for just $27!

The reason I’m doing this is to help introduce more newcomers to the amazing benefits of East Asian Medicine and Herbalism.
100% Risk Free
Money Back Guarantee
I’ll take all the risk on this.

If you don’t feel that the East Asian Medicine Secrets Bundle is worth 10 times what you invested, drop me an email within 30 days of getting the bundle and I’ll refund your $27. No questions asked. Fair enough?

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